Magic 101

Ideas for Custom Magic Items

NamePowersStatePoint CostValueNotes
Ring of Fortification17300Always equipped but wears little. Stamina spell for emergencies.
repairs objectsheld900
strengthens armourheld700
Blacksmith's Helm9000Extra repair in dungeons where it's most needed.
repairs objectsheld900900
Mark of Mending9000Always equipped and wears little
repairs objectsperm900
bad reactions from Daedraperm-120780
Torc of Mana20000Maximum spell point boost for the power mage!
extra spell points x4 seasonsheld20002000
Staff of Striking20000Effective boosts for a low weapon skill
Vampiric effect when strikesstrikes1000
enhances skill blunt weaponheld9002000
Unrestrainable Bracelet16500Essential item if not immune to paralysis.
free actionused16501650
Bracelet of Magicka15000These can occasionally be found in treasure.
spell absorptionheld15001500

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