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Note: most of the information presented here assumes that you are playing Daggerfall with patch version 2.13 installed. If you are not, I strongly recommend that you go straight to Bethesda's site and download it. It won't make your game completely bug-free, but it will go a very long way towards keeping it playable!
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So What is This Site All About, Anyway? - Go here if you really want the answer!
Dispelling The Myths - A guide to what not to believe in the manuals
A Daggerfall Companion - Some useful tips that didn't make the manual
Bugs and Cheats - Check here to see if your problem is a known issue
Magic 101 - Some suggestions for beginning magic users
Weapons and Armour - Complete numbers for getting protected and doing damage!
Daggerfall Gazetteer - Information on Provinces, Towns & Shops. Please join in the project and submit information
Documents and Templates - Various bits that I use when playing that some of you may find useful
Links and Credits - Where else to go and the applause section

If you find any typos, errors, omissions or anything else in these pages that's not quite right feel free to contact me about it so I can put it right. After all, it's supposed to be about information, not mis-information! Also if you have any useful experiences or helpful hints of the game that are not mentioned and you'd like me to include them here, mail them on. All submissions used will get full credit in the applause section!

Update History

19/09/99 - Added a Temple Guide page, linked from the shopping page. Added Tulune into the Gazetteer.

15/08/99 - Posted a new page of armour and weapons details. Added new items to the Companion, Myths and Bugs pages. Updated some items on the Myths and Companion pages. Added some detail to the Province index page and various bits into several of the individual province pages, including Glenmoril Coven locations. Provinces with updates are: Alik'r, Antiphyllos, Bhoriane, Daggerfall, Ilessan, Menevia, Orsinium, Tigonus, Wayrest, Glenpoint, Dwynnen, Phrygias. Added a small map to the shopping page and an alternate layout to the Mages Guilds page. Posted the 2 missing floor plans for Realty and added 2 new houses. Added a graphic header to this page and posted two smaller images to the links page for those who insist on linking with graphics. Take your pick!
    1/8/99 - Added Anticlere, Dak'fron and Satakalaam to the Gazetteer. We now have 819 towns listed and the pages have been split into 3 sections. I've added a brief update section onto the project page so people can see how we're doing. The Realty pages have 2 new houses and there are a couple of new items in the 'bizarre' section of the Bugs page. The Shopping page has a couple of new maps to help locate stores quickly and easily from the town maps.
  20/6/99 - Added a new property to the Realty page. Retouched most of the province graphics to make them smaller and faster to load. Uploaded the rest of the province pages and added Coven names where applicable. Added a summary page for province details. Updated the Daggerfools link URL. Filled in most of the Thieves and DB guild gaps in the completed provinces.
  17/5/99 - Uploaded the remainder of the completed province detail pages.
  16/5/99 - Completed Phrygias and added the latest batch of Urvaius to the Gazetteer. Added in the first 3 detailed province pages. Put an amendment and new item on the myths page, and a couple of items on the bugs page. Updated links and credits.
    9/5/99 - Completed the list of Kambrian towns. Added 3 houses to the realty section and 2 bizarre items to the 'bugs' page. Remembered to include the ladder info in the compendium! Added mall maps to the shopping page, and a new link to the links and credit page.
    3/5/99 - Added Daenia, 60 Daggerfall towns and half of Kambria to the towns list. Added a new house to Realty and a new Mages Guild layout to the Illustrated Mages guide. There is a new item on the companion page and two new items on the bugs page.
    7/3/99 - Added some more towns for Urvaius and Ephesus and completed Shalgora. The towns list has now been split into two sections to speed up loading. Added a guide to the Mages guilds from the shopping page.
  14/2/99 - Added some towns for Urvaius and Shalgora. This takes the total past the 300 mark!
    5/2/99 - Added some more houses to the realty page and linked to a page of floor plans. Put a tavern entry on the shops page and added identifying icons for temples on the magic page.
  31/1/99 - Added Antiphyllos and Ephesus to the towns list, along with some details. Added an entry to the realty page. Made some additions and amendments to the Gazetteer submission form. Added a new error on the manual myths page. Updated the credits page.
  20/1/99 - Added Realty, Project and Shopping pages to the Gazetteer section. Expanded the standard spell list in the magic section to include all standard spells. Added an item to the Myths page. Updated the Towns list to include complete lists for Kairou and Abibon-Gora, plus some odd bits and pieces. Made the spell and items lists available in spreadsheet form on the documents page. Also added Word and Excel viewers for download for those who need them. Updated the credits page.
    3/1/99 - Added the Magic section. Added the latest submissions to the towns list in the Gazetteer. Updated the bugs and links sections.
12/12/98 - Updated the Gazetteer pages with additions and corrections. Added to the links and credit page. Made some minor modifications to the town submission form.
  3/12/98 - Added the Gazetteer pages.
30/10/98 - Added the rest of the character template documents.
21/10/98 - Some typos and minor omissions corrected. Info on accessing view based interface added. Entered notes about manual variations and marked the items known to vary. Added a font download for the documentation. Updated links and credits. Posted the detailed bugs page.
18/10/98 - Site published

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