Weapons and Armour

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This is a complete list of all available weapons and their base damage. Type is the category the weapon falls under when you are adding advantages or disadvantages for weapons in Character Creation.

Weapon Name  Damage Hands  Type    Skill Used
Dagger1-6OneShortShort Blade
Tanto1-8OneShortShort Blade
Shortsword1-8OneShortShort Blade
Staff1-8OneBluntBlunt Weapon
Short Bow4-16TwoMissileArchery
Wakazashi1-10OneShortShort Blade
Broadsword1-12OneLongLong Blade
Mace1-12OneBluntBlunt Weapon
Long Bow4-18TwoMissileArchery
Battle Axe2-12OneAxeAxe
War Axe2-12TwoAxeAxe
Saber3-12OneLongLong Blade
Flail2-14TwoBluntBlunt Weapon
Longsword2-16OneLongLong Blade
Katana3-16OneLongLong Blade
Claymore2-18TwoLongLong Blade
Warhammer3-18TwoBluntBlunt Weapon
Dai-Katana3-21TwoLongLong Blade
The base damage is that done by a weapon forged in steel. Weapons forged in other materials carry damage bonuses according to the following table:

Weapon Material  Bonus Damage

Well, that was straightforward. Now on to something a little more obscure.....


Armour comes in three basic types: leather, chain and plate. In addition, plate armour can be made of various types of metal and the better the metal, the greater the bonus given to the protection value of the armour. [Note that if your character is forbidden from wearing plate, they will not be able to wear armour made of any of these better materials.] Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? But this is where it starts to get complicated.

When you find armour in the game you can use the 'info' button to see the bonus that the piece will give. When you put the armour on you can see the protection value that it gives you. Unfortunately, these two figures do not add up! The best theory that has been proposed on the a.g.d newsgroup by Jeremy is that the game doesn't use the armour bonuses at all when it calculates protection value, but instead uses the same bonuses as in the weapon table above. Using these values, the numbers actually make some sense! Here's a table of all the numbers, so you can decide for yourself. At the end of the day the number that matters most is the one in the 'Protection Rating' column. And if any one else has any other theories on just what the game is calculating here, I'd be happy to hear them!

Normal clothing gives no protection value, with the exception of shoes and boots which are made of leather. Because of the material these items give the normal 3 rating from the advantage of leather and give protection to the feet, even though they are not considered to be pieces of armour. This also applies to sandals, though how much protection those strappy things would really give you is open to debate!

Material Armour  
Adamantium    +7+615

It is also possible to increase the protection rating of any armour by 5 points by creating a magic item that has the 'strengthens armor' attribute, once you have access to an item maker. This bonus will apply even if you are not wearing armour, giving you an effective armour rating of 5 even if you are running around naked! Very useful for any character types that are forbidden to wear armour at all.

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