Shopping in the Iliac Bay

Hours of Opening

These are the normal opening hours of the different shop types around the Bay:

Store Type Hours Notes
alchemist.gif - 2077 Bytes Alchemist 7-22 Deals in all potion ingredients, including some gemstones
armorer.gif - 1887 Bytes Armorer 9-19 Armour with some weapons. More armour details.
books.gif - 1867 Bytes Banks 8-15 Deposit and withdraw gold or letters of credit, buy houses and ships.
books.gif - 1867 Bytes Bookstore 9-21 Buy books for your home library
tailor.gif - 1874 Bytes Tailor 10-19 Deals in all forms of apparel not considered to be armour
gem.gif - 1455 Bytes Gem 9-18 Deals in raw gems, jewelry, bracers and wands
general.gif - 1996 Bytes General 6-23 Deals in most things except religious items, and sometimes armour
books.gif - 1867 Bytes Library 9-23 Read books here, but may not remove them from the premises
pawn.gif - 1571 Bytes Pawn 9-20 Deals in most things except clothes, sell religious items here
pawn.gif - 1571 Bytes Weapon 9-19 Weapons with some armour. More weapons details.
mages.gif - 1905 Bytes Guilds 11-23 Guilds become open to you 24 hours once you reach a high enough rank; Warlock (6th) for Mages. Pick up a copy of this handy illustrated guide to the Mages Guilds.
stendarr.gif - 2099 Bytes Temples 0-24 The Gods put no time restrictions on religion in Tamriel! To get the most from your religious experiences, pick up a copy of this newly published Temple Guide!
tavern.gif - 1981 Bytes Taverns 0-24 No restrictions on drunkeness and debauchery either! Here you can get food and drink and a bed for the night. This is also a good place to ask for directions when most good folk have retired to bed, unfortunately after a couple of hours of imbibing the locals here aren't able to mark up maps!

Shopping Centre plans

Most of the shopping centres in the Bay seem to fall into 2 layouts. In order to ease the burden of your shopping experience, here are labelled maps to help you get around quickly:

shops1.gif - 49754 Bytes      shops2.gif - 44671 Bytes
Layout 1:
As found in Daggerfall City
     Layout 2:
As found in Tamtale, Kambria

Ever arrived in town late in the evening and there's no-one around to help you identify all those orange blobs on your newly purchased map? Look no further! Here are some hints and tips on translating town maps into usable information!

    3general.gif - 4414 Bytes    Three shops displayed on the map like this are usually General Stores. Thier doors will all face toward the center of the triangle and there will be a single sign sitting in the midst of them.    

        2general.gif - 4002 Bytes    Both of these layouts of shops usually indicate General Stores. In the map on the left the shop doors are placed to face into the formed 'L' shape. In the map on the right, the doors are placed so that if you come out of one shop and face the corner of the intervening tavern, you can see the door of the other store.    2genpub.gif - 6827 Bytes        

    fakecrow.gif - 46423 Bytes     This map shows a set of four stores that always seem to contain the same store type in the same location. An easy to spot pattern that makes finding a clothes, book or pawn shop much faster. More notable however, is the fact that this set always includes a 'fake' shop on the north side. This store usually goes under a more unusual name containing one of the following keywords: furniture, carpentry, crafts, woodworking; and The Crow can normally be found in this building.         

Two stores of this shape displayed and arranged in this manner are usually a pair of armorers. 2armourer.gif - 3420 Bytes

Some towns around the Bay list gem stores that don't seem to sell gems. These buildings are usually bereft of shelves and shopkeeper and instead the prospective customer is greeted by a comely wench! If you're a serious gem collector don't waste your time here! These diagrams should show you what to look for in order to avoid unnecessary time wasting.

fakegem.gif - 18558 Bytes          fakegemmap.gif - 11846 Bytes
This is how the fake gem store looks
- the porch is your clue
     This is how it appears on the town map

Recommended Shopping Highlights around the Bay

Store City Province Notes
pawn.gif - 1571 Bytes Perore's General Pawnbrokers Bubyrydata Alik'r Desert Gives the best selling prices anywhere in the Bay.
alchemist.gif - 2077 Bytes The Adventurer's Pharmacy Broadpath Minster Daggerfall Get good prices for offloading those potion ingredients
weapons.gif - 1970 Bytes The Odd Blades Daggerfall Daggerfall Has one of the best ranges of high quality weapons in the Bay

Do you have a favourite store? Know of a particularly good store or guild to pick up that special item? Send in the details and get it listed here.

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