Daggerfall Gazetteer

Daggerfall Provinces - Initially a brief overview of each province in the Iliac Bay, with an annotated map which links to more detailed pages for each province. This is where all those miscellaneous notes about places are being stored. If you have any comments or observations to add about your favourite province, please feel free to mail them to me at the address on the main page.

realtys.gif - 2430 Bytes   - Your guide to house buying in the Iliac Bay (Warning: this area is graphics intensive)

Daggerfall Towns - In these tables you can find information on the various amenities found in the listed towns. If you're looking for a particular temple or a low quality shop to sell your booty then this is the place to search. Given the size of the Iliac Bay, this page is likely to be a permanent work in progress and anyone is welcome to contribute information to the list. The more people that contribute, the faster the list will grow. Please use the form link below or e-mail me the details. And yes, it finally happened! The list was starting to get a little cumbersome so it has now been split into multiple sections, but the information is still available as a single list in spreadsheet form from the link further down. Also note that the alphabetic split is liable to change periodically, depending on which page each completed province falls into. I'm currently trying to keep each section to somewhere around 300-350 towns as anything larger starts to groan a bit!

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Shopping in the Iliac Bay - Shop till you drop! A guide to opening hours, bargains and suggestions on where to find that special something. This area also contains some handy maps to help you find your way around the shops easier.

Town Submission Form - Add your favourite town to the list

Gazetteer Project Status - Thinking of volunteering? Find out which towns and provinces have already been covered and who is working on what.

Daggerfall Gazetteer Spreadsheet - Town and Shops lists in Excel 7 format

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