Guide to the Mages Guilds

Author: Faromin Theland

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As a seasoned traveller myself I have had ample opportunities to visit the many Mages Guilds across Tamriel - and what veritable mazes some of these buildings are! Although such inspired and intriguing architecture certainly has its place, it's of no help at all when you're on a tight travelling schedule and just need to pop in to have some trinket identified. In an effort to ease this problem for all my fellow students of the Art, I have collected together a selection of the common blueprints used in the construction of our guilds. Hopefully this is merely the first in a series of similar guides that I intend to write over the course of my travels.
So without further ado, may I present to you:

Faromin's Illustrated Guide to the Mages Guilds


QU = Quest giver; BS = Buy Spells; MS = Make Spells TR = Trainer; LI = Library
ID = Identify; BI = Buy Magic Items; MI = Make Items; DA = Daedra Summoning; TE = Teleporter

Layout A

This construction is easily distinguised by the double entrances and the corner towers, but there are two slight variations of the building. Examples of these buildings are the Guilds in Gothway Garden, Daggerfall and Satakalaam, Satakalaam.

magesa.gif - 21537 Bytes magesaa.gif - 24056 Bytes
This version has windows in the towers and a flat
roof on each.
This version has no tower windows and a pointed
roof on each tower.
magesa0.gif - 27111 Bytes magesaa0.gif - 26144 Bytes
Here the quest giver stands to the left of the
staircase when you enter the building and there
are two doors immediately to your right.
In this layout the quest giver is standing to the
right of the stairs and there are no doors on your
right on entry.
magesa1.gif - 27849 Bytes magesaa1.gif - 26029 Bytes
On the top floor the layout of the buildings is the same.      But the position of the different services has changed.

Layout B

magesb.gif - 15822 Bytes

Identify this layout by the door in the centre section with the windows to the left. This layout is used in the Guild in Daggerfall City.

magesb0.gif - 31898 Bytes

Layout C

magesc.gif - 13317 Bytes

This layout has the door on the far left of the centre section, with windows to the right. The Guild in Vanton, Kambria follows this plan.

magesc0.gif - 30627 Bytes

This layout also has an alternative organisational structure as indicated below.

magesca0.gif - 29305 Bytes

Layout D

magesd.gif - 16904 Bytes

Easily recognised by the high tower on the left side, this Guild layout can be found in Kaloguja, Alik'r Desert.

magesd0.gif - 27087 Bytes magesd1.gif - 8230 Bytes
Ground Floor First Floor

magesd2.gif - 8650 Bytes magesd3.gif - 8852 Bytes magesd4.gif - 8672 Bytes
Second Floor Third Floor Fourth Floor

Layout E

magese.gif - 21161 Bytes

This building is one of the largest used by the Mages Guild and can be identified by the double central roof and the four corner towers. An example can be found in Longwych, Kambria.

magese0.gif - 41977 Bytes
Ground Floor

magese1.gif - 26179 Bytes
First Floor

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