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In the year and a bit that I've been playing this game I've found help and hints of all kinds scattered around the Internet, both from the various people who've taken the time and trouble to post their experiences and discoveries onto web pages and especially from the regular posters of the Daggerfall newsgroup. I'd like to be able to list everyone who gave a hint along the way but it's almost impossible to remember who helped out where anymore! Consider yourselves thanked, everyone. You know who you are!

The following two sites in particular have to be recommended reading for all Daggerfall players. Between them they provide a wealth of information including complete quest walkthroughs for the game. Suffice to say that I would never have completed the game without them!

Beginner's Guide to Daggerfall
The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (Note new address!)

And the official home of Daggerfall, without whom we would have no game to play, contains technical support information and the essential 2.13 patch: Bethesda Softworks

The (in?)famous home of Brute's Chicken - the best eatery in Ykalon!
Daggerfall Flora - Jeroen's nature guide to the Iliac Bay
TES: The Essential Site - now in its new home. The lighter side of Daggerfall. Check out the character and rare photo galleries, or browse through scenic Tamriel.
Daggerfall Crossroads - Magnus' Daggerfall links, including his comprehensive FAQ on lycanthropy, guides to nudity and the famous Language Grrl!
TES: Daggerfall - Jonesy's updated site. Contains some wonderful galleries of Daggerfall graphics.
Xanathar's Library - Contains some interesting information on the Mages guild and Tamriel gods.
Jesse's Daggerfall Page - Has some useful tips for beginners on what to do after Privateer's Hold.

The unofficial home of Daggerfall on Usenet is, which now has it's own FAQ, located here. And if after reading through all that you still have an unanswered problem with your game, try asking the friendly folks on the Daggerfall newsgroup. In fact, even if you don't have questions to ask I recommend you stop by the newsgroup anyway! It's one of the most tolerant and friendliest groups on the whole of Usenet and lots of fun. You can find out about many of the regular posters in the group at the Daggerfools site. {Note new address!]

Particular thanks to:
Mark Stinson and Dave Humphrey for their outstanding web sites which got me through some nasty spots in the game.
Tarvok and George IV for their sterling efforts on the newsgroup FAQ.
Georgina Allen for taking on the mammoth task of trying to document(!) the newsgroup community.
Jeroen Vermeulen
Brute Dragon
Magnus Itland
Judy Mortimore
Michael Romes
Mana User

And special thanks for Gazetteer contributions:
Magnus Itland
Peggy DeLand
Jeroen Vermeulen
Jonathan Thackray
Nell Cain
Michael Romes
Jesse Zimmerman
Richard Cant
reptaal draken

And for those of you who prefer to link with banners and images, try one of these!

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