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This page contains various documents that I've put together to try to sort and organise the huge amount of Daggerfall information that I'm accumulating. Hopefully more will become available as I get time to convert my scrawled notes into a more readable and uploadable format (the shopping spreadsheet is liable to be a biggie)!

Files are loaded here in standard 'zip' format and document formats are as listed, but if you think you would like a copy of something and can't handle that particular format, feel free to get in touch and I'll see if I can convert to something that you can use.


These are template documents that I print and use for keeping track of what my characters are up to. The character and note sheet is a two page document that I usually print back to back to reduce the sheet count! The other pages I normally use printed on both sides to get two of each - the quest log fills up pretty quickly and with scribbled crossing out as you play, so can the other two! The final one is a five page document that gives you one of each page for convenience when starting a new character. If you choose to download them you can pretty much use them how you like with a bit of tinkering in Word.

The following documents are in Microsoft Word for Windows 95(version 7) format.
Font for the templates - unzip and install in your fonts folder. You will probably need to reboot in order to use it.
Character and note sheet - keeps track of stats, skills, guilds, maps, letters etc..
Quest Log - keeps note of quest completions
Spell Book - listing for all custom spell details
Inventory List - detailed item and storage list
Full set of pages for a new character - includes all those listed above and the font file.

The following are Excel 95(version 7) templates:
Town and shops listing - For detailing towns and shops for the Gazetteer project


The following documents are in Microsoft Excel for Windows 95(version 7) format.
Daggerfall Gazetteer Spreadsheet - Province, Town and Shops lists
Magic 101 Spreadsheet - Magic Spells and Item Lists
Daggerfall Site Spreadsheet - Single spreadsheet that contains all the tables published here


For those who would like to download some of these documents but don't own any Microsoft Office software I've tracked down some of Microsoft's freely distributed viewers. If you need something for a different platform you can probably track it down via a web search engine or, if you mail me with requirements I may be able to source something for you. PC magazine disks are also a good source for this kind of utility.
wd95vw71.exe - Word viewer 7.1 for Windows 95
xlvwrus.exe - Excel viewer for Windows 95

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