Bugs, Cheats and Other Anomalies

This page details some of the problems found in the game and some of the ways in which you can either avoid or exploit them. Not all of these are bugs, some are simply differences of opinion between you and the game as to how things ought to work!

The good....

Warning: this section contains a number of spoilers so be very sure you want to know these things before reading further! Power gamers prepared to exploit any loophole can continue, every one else should probably jump straight to here! Items marked   bullet4.gif - 107 Bytes   require cheatmode or magicrepair to be enabled - see the text file from patch 2.13 for full details.

The items are arranged in a vague order according to cheat value: the ones at the beginning aren't really cheating, more being aware of how the game functions. In the middle are the things that you can probably justify in the game world if your role playing skills are up to it. However, down at the end there's no excuse - this is just plain cheating!

The bad....

And the slightly bizarre!

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