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These are my preferred sites for finding out information on a specific topic. When it comes to classes and some skills I obviously haven't tried them all yet, so I don't have a particular favourite place to go to find out about them! In these cases, I'll try and find a suitable link for that topic so that if you need it, you have a starting point. Most of the sites listed here have extensive link pages of their own, so if you have the time go browse a bit. You may find something far more suitable to your needs than the ones that I have found so far. Addresses are listed long hand as well as linked, so you can see them on printed copy.

General Info

MapsEQ Atlashttp://www.eqatlas.com/Definitely my first port of call for maps, and the ones I prefer using. If the area you want isn't included here yet, then go to Allakhazam's and follow the suggested links from his zone pages till you find something suitable.
EQ Mapshttp://www.eqmaps.com/Good selection of maps here, plus a lot of item and zone info along with some pricing.
Outriders of Karanahttp://www.tapr.org/~OutridersKaranaNice collection of outdoor Kunark maps here.
Zone InfoEQ Atlashttp://www.eqatlas.com/Summary sheets showing general level and type of monsters expected, good details on merchant locations and wares.
Allakhazamhttp://everquest.allakhazam.com/Summary sheets of monster level range and full pages of quest details.
EQ Mapshttp://www.eqmaps.comNice printable sheets of detailed zone info here
WeaponsMaximum EverQuesthttp://www.maximumeq.comWeapons lists sorted by skill. Link to price pages for items.
ArmourMaximum EverQuesthttp://www.maximumeq.comArmour lists sorted by class and inventory slot, secondary sort on magic effects. Links to the price database for item prices.
PricesMaximum EverQuesthttp://www.maximumeq.comLists average prices of items and quotes sorted by server name. Allows you to submit prices to keep it up to date. Currently covers mostly armour and weapon items.
QuestsAllakhazam'a Magical Realmhttp://everquest.allakhazam.com/Nice quest info by zone. Also has a list of quest items available so you can identify that strange loot!
GlossaryAn EverQuest Glossaryhttp://amtgard.pinkpig.com/bards/eqglossary.htmFull glossary list of various EQ terms and abbreviations. Essential thing to have sometimes!

Class Specific Sites

GeneralAllakhazam'a Magical Realmhttp://everquest.allakhazam.com/A nice detailed page of the pros and cons of all the classes here.
EQ Castershttp://eq.castersrealm.comNow contains complete character guides for all classes, including melee. These contain full skill listings showing level caps.
BardThe Everquesting Bardhttp://amtgard.pinkpig.com/bards/eqbard.htmContains a complete listing of spellsongs.
ClericEQ Clerichttp://www.kmrcs.com/eqcleric/Looks to have some good specific quest info along with spells etc. PWI
DruidEQ Druidshttp://www.eqdruids.com/Great site for spell info, tactics and grouping guides plus equipment lists.
EnchanterEnchanter's Enclavehttp://www.eqportal.com/enchanter/Seems to have good spell and research info
MagicianEQ Magicianshttp://members.xoom.com/EQMagicians/Info on pets, research and tips. Message board
MonkEverquest Monkshttp://www.kadanit.com/eqmonks/ Useful equipment info regarding weight - the Monks' worst enemy!
NecromancerEqnecro.comhttp://www.eqnecro.com/For casters of the Dark Art. Not a speciality of mine, but looks to have some very useful guides listed.
PaladinEQ Paladinshttp://paladins.gq.nu/The traditional Knights in Shining Armour!
RangerThe Ranger's Glade Spell lists and skill info.
RogueThe Safehousehttp://www.guildboss.com/safehouse/Message boards rather than web site, but looks to have some useful topics on the board layouts.
Shadow KnightThe Knight Watch Not used this one yet
ShamanThe Shaman's Crucible Great spell lists and skill info. Playing and tactic guides.
WarriorSwordStrikehttp://www.eqportal.com/Warrior/swordstrike/Mega tanks page. Nice info on armour quests.
WizardGraffe's Wizard Compilationhttp://www.graffe.com/Rumoured to be the best wizard site.
The Wizard's Tower Not used this one

Trade Skills - Currently I have several guides for each skill in my files. These are the ones that I seem to use most, or look like the most useful in their class. Note that I haven't used them all as I haven't tried all the skills yet. There are also many other guides out there, with new ones appearing constantly, so if one of these doesn't tell you what you need to know go hunt around and see if you can find a better one.

GeneralEQ Traders Cornerhttp://www.eqtraders.com/The specialist site, although Allakhazam has many links to some good trade guides.
AlchemyAlchemy Recipeshttp://eq.stratics.com/trades/alchemy01.htmlList only. This skill has only recently been fixed, so new info should be available soon.
BakingTothis' Baking Guidehttp://everquest.allakhazam.com/Skills/Bak_Tothis.htmBeginner's Guide
Baking Recipeshttp://everquest.allakhazam.com/Skills/Bakingr.htmRecipe list and recipe book list
BrewingSindi's Guide to Brewinghttp://everquest.allakhazam.com/Skills/Brew_Sindi.htmSuggested order of progress for least cost
Everquest Brewinghttp://www.nyct.net/~bitsy/Lists difficulty order, some recipes and info on foraged items.
Recipes and trivial tablehttp://pages.infinit.net/deeps/recipes.htmNice itemised list with trivial values and recipes together
FletchingFletching and Bowyeringhttp://everquest.allakhazam.com/Skills/Fletching.htmIncludes some cost and selling info.
Everquest Fletching Guidehttp://www.westol.com/~ewj/fletchguide/Great detailed fletching and bowyering guide. Contains full table listings for bows and arrows.
JewellryGuide to Jewellry Makinghttp://everquest.allakhazam.com/Skills/Jewelry_Viscar.htmWritten with efficient costing in mind.
Gem Descriptionshttp://eq.stratics.com/trades/jewelcraft03.html
(also jewelcraft04.html)
Gives properties of gems and trivial level list on the alternative page.
Jewellery Item Charthttp://eq.castersrealm.com/misc/jewellery/jewel_table.aspNice item property chart here, but difficult to print properly.
PoisonBeginner Poison Infohttp://eq.stratics.com/trades/poison_body.htmlBasics only, I think.
PotteryKozmo's Guide to Potteryhttp://everquest.allakhazam.com/Skills/Pottery_Kozmo.htm
(also Potteryr.htm)
Beginner's Guide and recipes on the alternative page.
ResearchThe Mythiran towerhttp://mythiran.allakhazam.comComplete guide to all things research
SmithingGuide to Blacksmithinghttp://everquest.allakhazam.com/Skills/Sm_Sold.htmChart of recipes on this one
TailoringLokari's Everquest Tailoring Guidehttp://www.enteract.com/~lokari/everquest/tailoring.htmlNewly published guide, one of the best I've seen which also contains comparative armour chart.
TinkeringTinkering Guide 1http://eq.stratics.com/trades/tinkering01.html
(also tinkering02.html)
Basic Guide and recipes on the alternative page.

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