Magic 101

Parameters of the Standard Spells

Note: These figures are for a level 2 character with a Mercantile skill of 6, Personality of 38 and Willpower of 64, with magical skills as listed. Hopefully they should give an indication of 'worst case scenario' in gold and spell costs. And contrary to the information in the manual, not all spells are available in all guilds.

School: A=alteration, M=mysticism, T=thaumaturgy, D=destruction, R=restoration, I=illusion
Range: C=caster, T=touch, TR=target at range, AC=area around caster, AR=area at range
Element: F=fire, C=cold(frost), E=electricity, P=poison, M=magic

* - these are spells found in the game that are not listed in the manual. Most of their ranges differ a bit in format from those used in the listed spells, and one wonders if they were left over from play testing at some stage.

Balyna's AntidoteR4C-15+5/1-cure poisonM1305164
*Balyna's BalmR4C--1+2-10/2heal healthM21327
Banish DaedraM22T-10+5/1-dispel daedraM3621462
*BouyancyAT6/4C1+1/1--water walking - See Note AC537
*Calm Humanoid?T5+5/110+10/1-pacify humanoidM5273662
ChameleonI6C3+1/1--chameleon normalM27936
CharismaR4C5+1/1-1-10+3/1fortify attribute personalityM1687212
*Charm Mortal?T5+5/110+10/1charmM2404302
Cure DiseaseR4C-15+5/1-cure diseaseM1284164
Cure PoisonR4C-60+2/1-cure poisonM1410180
Energy LeechDR6/4T--1-10+5/1transfer fatigueM1734218
Far SilenceM22TR1+1/135+2/1-silenceM2673336
Feet of NotorgoR4C5+1/1-1-10+3/1fortify attribute speedM1687212
*Fenrick's Door Jam?C1+1/256+1/10-lock - See note BM32641
Fire StormD6AC--1-20+1-5/1damage healthF1161146
FireballD6AR--1+1-7/1damage healthF56885
Force BoltDA6/6TR1+1/110+5/11-30+1-10/1damage health & paralyzeM4181525
FortitudeR4C5+1/1-1-10+3/1fortify attribute enduranceM1687212
Free ActionAR6/4C-20+5/1-cure paralysationM2281291
*FrostbiteD6T--1-9+1-3/2damage healthC25933
God's FireD6TR--1-50+10/1damage healthF2413303
Hand of DecayD6T-10+3/1-disintegrateM2524317
Hand of SleepDA6/6T5+2/1-1-15+1-5/1cont dam fatigueM1074135
HealR4C--1-10+5/1heal healthM49263
*Holy TouchM22T-10+2/1-dispel undeadM1886237
Holy WordM22AC-10+2/1-dispel undeadM3774474
Ice BoltD6TR--1-35+5/1damage healthC1368172
Ice StormD6AR--1-30+1-5/1damage healthC1967247
InvisibilityI6C3+2/1--invisibility normalM72793
Iron WillR6C5+1/1-1-10+3/1fortify attribute willpowerM1687212
Jack of TradesR6C5+1/1-1-10+3/1fortify attribute luckM1687212
JumpingA/R6/6C3+1/11+1/1-diminuation - See Note CM905114
Light I6C1+4/1--lightM33943
LightningD6TR--1-25+1-5/1damage healthE1042133
Magicka LeechDR6/6T5+2/1-1-15+1-5/1cont dam spell pointsM1281161
Medusa's GazeA6TR1+1/11+8/1-paralyzeM2962372
NimblenessR6C5+1/1-1-10+3/1fortify attribute agilityM1687212
Null MagickaM22T-10+2/1-dispel magicM2730343
Orc StrengthR6C5+1/1-1-10+2/1fortify attribute strengthM769180
*Quiet Undead?T5+5/110+10/1-pacify undeadM5273662
Resist ColdA6C2+1/1-30+5/1elem resist frostM2149270
Resist FireA6C2+1/1-30+5/1elem resist fireF2149270
Resist PoisonA6C1+1/150+5/1-elem resist poisonM2242286
Resist ShockA6C2+1/1-30+5/1elem resist shockE2149270
SanctuaryI6---See note D
Shadow FormI6C1+1/1--shadow normalM20626
Shalidor's MirrorT4C1+1/135+1/1-spell reflectionM2714341
ShockD6T--1-20+1-4/1damage healthE51666
SleepDA6TR5+2/1-1-15+1-5/1cont dam fatigueM1583202
Soul TrapM22T10+2/110+5/1-soul trapM2579324
Spell AbsorptionR4C1+1/110+5/1-spell absorptionM2384304
Spell DrainAD6/6TR--1-50+1-5/1damage spell pointsM1797226
Spell ReflectionTM4/22C1+1/110+5/1-spell reflectionM2384304
Spell ResistanceRAT4/6/4C1+1/125+2/1-spell resistanceM1699217
Spell ShieldRAT4/6/4C1+1/150+2/1-spell resistanceM2778349
Sphere of NegationD6TR-20+2/1-disintegrateM5739732
Spider TouchA6T1+1/15+15/1-paralyzeM3654459
StaminaR4C--1-8+2/1heal fatigueM17723
Strength LeechRD6/6T5+1/11-9+1/1drain strengthM66083
*Tame?T5+5/110+10/1-pacify animalM5064636
*Tongues?C1+1/120+2/1-comprehend languagesM1862234
Toxic CloudD6AC--1-25+1-5/1damage healthP1394178
Troll's BloodR6C5+5/1-1+1/1regenerateM1298163
Vampiric TouchRD6/6T5+2/1-1-15+1-5/1transfer healthM1900239
Water BreathingA6C5+2/1--water breathingM23330
Water WalkingAT6/4C5+2/1--water walkingM23330
WildfireD6TR1+3/1-1-15+1-5/1cont dam healthF1408177
WisdomR6C5+1/1-1-10+3/1fortify attribute intelligenceM1687212
Wizard LockM22C1+1+120+4/1-lockM2029255
Wizard RendAM6/22T1+1/110+5/11-14+1/1damage spell points & paralyzeM2219279
Wizard's FireD6TR--1-15+1-4/1damage healthF66584


A - The element used here is 'frost', though whether that makes any difference to the working I don't know.
B - The duration here is odd, I can't get the spellmaker to allow a level beyond 20!
C - This is very bizarre. The spell lists no effect but if you click in the box anyway it lists the given details! I'm told it works for jumping fences!
D - So far I have been unable to find this spell anywhere and am debating consigning it to the 'not in game' category. If you've found it, please let me know.

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