Province Gazetteer: Alik'r Desert

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The vast desert of Alik'r

Alik'r Desert is a large province covering much of the southern Bay area. It borders the Dragontail Mountains and Santaki in the east and Dak'fron in the south. It shares a northern border with Tigonus, Ayasofya, Sentinel, Myrkwasa, Kairou and Abibon-Gora. It surrounds Antiphyllos on three sides and Bergama completely. This is the home of the Coven in the Marsh. In Alik'r the Fighters Guild is considered a religious order and is known as the Fighter Trainers.

Province statistics for Alik'r Desert:

Main Deity: Stendarr        Town Temples
Towns: ?       
Banks: ?        Arkay: ?
Mages Guilds: ?        Dibella: ?
Fighters Guilds: ?        Order of the Hour(Akatosh): ?
Thieves Guilds: ?        Julianos: ?
Dark Brotherhoods: ?        Kynareth: ?
Knightly Orders: None        Mara: ?
Graveyards: 20        Stendarr: ?
Dungeons: 124        Zenithar: ?
Covens: 1

Highlights of the province:

Detailed map of Alik'r Desert, including towns, inns and hostels, graveyards, dungeons and covens.

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