Province Gazetteer: Anticlere

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The landscape of Anticlere

Anticlere is a coastal province with a long southern shoreline on the north of the Iliac Bay. It has northern borders to Daenia and Urvaius, a western border with Shalgora and a small eastern border with Dwynnen. It is the home of the Knights of the Flame.

Province statistics for Anticlere:

Main Deity: Mara        Town Temples
Towns: 206       
Banks: 27        Arkay: 11
Mages Guilds: 37        Dibella: 7
Fighters Guilds: 32        Order of the Hour(Akatosh): 3
Thieves Guilds: 41        Julianos: 8
Dark Brotherhoods: 42        Kynareth: 7
Knightly Orders: 14: Flame        Mara: 61
Graveyards: 50        Stendarr: 10
Dungeons: 123        Zenithar: 8
Covens: 0

Highlights of the province: