Province Gazetteer: Isle of Balfiera

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The grassy moorlands of Balfiera

Balfiera is a chain of islands located at the east end of the Iliac Bay.

Province statistics for Isle of Balfiera:

Main Deity: Akatosh        Town Temples
Towns: 6       
Banks: 0        Arkay: 0
Mages Guilds: 1        Dibella: 1
Fighters Guilds: 0        Order of the Hour(Akatosh): 3
Thieves Guilds: 1        Julianos: 0
Dark Brotherhoods: 1        Kynareth: 0
Knightly Orders: None        Mara: 0
Graveyards: 38        Stendarr: 0
Dungeons: 11        Zenithar: 0
Covens: 0

Highlights of the province:

Shopping details:

BlackheadEdwastyr's PotherbsAlchemistAdequate
Lord Agristyr's AntidotesAlchemistSkillful
Lady Tristyval's SmithyArmorerAdequate
Blackhead's Best GemsGemIncense
Blackhead's Best JewelsGemRusty
Alabistyr's Finest JewelersGemRusty
The Champion gear StoreGeneralAdequate
The Lord's EquipmentGeneralIncense
Vintage GearGeneralSkillful
Lord Agristyr's EquipmentGeneralSkillful
GallomarketFirst Class Experimental ProductsAlchemistAdequate
Doctor Perore's PotionsAlchemistAdequate
First Class ArmoryArmorerRusty
First Class ProvisionsGeneralAdequate
Gallomarket Retail StoreGeneralFunctional
Vintage FashionTailorAdequate
First Class FineryTailorFunctional
SingbrughThe Champion WarehouseGeneralRusty
SingburyLord Gondyval's ProvisionsGeneralAdequate
Lord Theodastyr's EquipmentGeneralRusty
UpvaleThe Lord's ShieldingArmorerFunctional
First Class Sundries GeneralFunctional
The Emperor's HockshopPawnIncense
WarwychThe Superior SuppliesGeneralRusty

Detailed map of the Isle of Balfiera, including towns, inns and hostels, graveyards, dungeons and covens.

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