Province Gazetteer: Betony

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The sparsely wooded terrain of Betony

Betony is a small island off the south west coast of Daggerfall.

Province statistics for Betony:

Main Deity: Mara        Town Temples
Towns: 3       
Banks: None        Arkay: 0
Mages Guilds: 0        Dibella: 0
Fighters Guilds: 1        Order of the Hour(Akatosh): 0
Thieves Guilds: 0        Julianos: 0
Dark Brotherhoods: 1        Kynareth: 0
Knightly Orders: None        Mara: 1
Graveyards: 0        Stendarr: 1
Dungeons: 8        Zenithar: 0
Covens: 0

Highlights of the province:

Shopping details:

Kirkbeth HamletLady Tristyval's Trading PostGeneralAdequate
Kirkhead RockDunistyr's Finest WaresGeneralFunctional
WhitefortThe Lord's ShieldsArmorerIncense
Lord Agrastyr's GearGeneralFunctional
Lady Agroryan's MarketGeneralIncense
Lord Trististair's Retail StoreGeneralIncense

Detailed map of Betony, including towns, inns and hostels, graveyards, dungeons and covens.

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