Province Gazetteer: Daggerfall

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The rolling woodlands of Daggerfall

Daggerfall is located on the south west corner of the northern side of the Iliac Bay. It shares borders with Tulune, Glenpoint and Ilessan hills in the north and Shalgora on the east. Although physically not the largest province, it is one of the most densely populated areas in the Bay. It is the home of the Knights of the Dragon and the Coven on the Bluff. It contains the Privateer's Hold Dungeon. This is one of the three most important provinces in Bay politics.

Province statistics for Daggerfall:

Main Deity: Kynareth        Town Temples
Towns: ?       
Banks: ?        Arkay: ?
Mages Guilds: ?        Dibella: ?
Fighters Guilds: ?        Order of the Hour(Akatosh): ?
Thieves Guilds: ?        Julianos: ?
Dark Brotherhoods: ?        Kynareth: ?
Knightly Orders: ?: Dragon        Mara: ?
Graveyards: 74        Stendarr: ?
Dungeons: 192        Zenithar: ?
Covens: 1

Highlights of the province:

Detailed map of Daggerfall, including towns, inns and hostels, graveyards, dungeons and covens.

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