Province Gazetteer: Dak'fron

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Dak'fron Desert

Dak'fron is an inland province located south of the Iliac Bay. It has an eastern border with the Dragontail Mountains, and shares boundaries with Santaki and Alik'r Desert on the north. It is the home of the Kykos coven. This province does not contain any walled cities and only two of the large towns contain banks. There is no city named Dak'fron.

Province statistics for Dak'fron:

Main Deity: Stendarr        Town Temples
Towns: 13       
Banks: 2        Arkay: 2
Mages Guilds: 1        Dibella: 0
Fighters Guilds: 1        Order of the Hour(Akatosh): 0
Thieves Guilds: 3        Julianos: 0
Dark Brotherhoods: 3        Kynareth: 0
Knightly Orders: None        Mara: 2
Graveyards: 4        Stendarr: 4
Dungeons: 125        Zenithar: 0
Covens: 1

Highlights of the province:

Detailed map of Dak'fron, including towns, inns and hostels, graveyards, dungeons and covens.

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