Province Gazetteer: Satakalaam

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Sunrise over Satakalaam

Satakalaam is a coastal province on the south side of the Bay. It has a southern border with Totambu and shares boundaries with Lainlyn on the west and Mournoth in the east.

Province statistics for Satakalaam:

Main Deity: Julianos        Town Temples
Towns: 42       
Banks: 8        Arkay: 5
Mages Guilds: 9        Dibella: 0
Fighters Guilds: 9        Order of the Hour(Akatosh): 3
Thieves Guilds: 8        Julianos: 10
Dark Brotherhoods: 7        Kynareth: 2
Knightly Orders: None        Mara: 2
Graveyards: 9        Stendarr: 0
Dungeons: 31        Zenithar: 2
Covens: 0

Highlights of the province: