Province Gazetteer: Wayrest

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The Wayrest countryside

Wayrest is located at the east end of the Iliac Bay, across the estuary from Mournoth. It has a long coastline and shares borders with Menevia and Orsinium Area in the north and Wrothgarian Mountains and Gavaudon in the east. This province plays host to the Knights of the Rose. Wayrest is an important political power in the Bay.

Province statistics for Wayrest:

Main Deity: Akatosh(Order of the Hour)        Town Temples
Towns: ?       
Banks: ?        Arkay: ?
Mages Guilds: ?        Dibella: ?
Fighters Guilds: ?        Order of the Hour(Akatosh): ?
Thieves Guilds: ?        Julianos: ?
Dark Brotherhoods: ?        Kynareth: ?
Knightly Orders: ?: Rose        Mara: ?
Graveyards: 38        Stendarr: ?
Dungeons: 147        Zenithar: ?
Covens: 0

Highlights of the province:

Detailed map of Wayrest, including towns, inns and hostels, graveyards, dungeons and covens.

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